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Q. Can I sell real estate without a sponsoring broker?

   A. No. All real estate salespeople must have a sponsoring active Connecticut broker to

        maintain an active license and sell real estate.    

Q. How long do I have to be a licensed salesperson before I can become a Broker?

   A. You must have an active salesperson's license for two (2) years and must complete 

         the educational requirements before you apply for a broker's license.    

Q. I received a listing through an individual that is unlicensed. Can I share a portion of my        commission with them?

   A. No. State law prohibits the sharing of commission or compensation, whether directly

        or indirectly, with an individual who was not a broker or salesperson when the service

        was rendered.

Q. Do I need to have a sponsoring Broker before taking the PSI test?

    A. No. Once you pass both the Modern and State PSI testing, you will then need a

         sponsoring Broker to receive your Real Estate License.

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